DC spends

Dollars every year on the Metropolitan Police Department.
$ 1000000000 +
Federal law enforcement agencies operating in the city.

While substantial resources go into policing, public trust in their fairness and effectiveness has reached an all-time low. Most voters doubt police can treat Black and white individuals equally, feel they lack proper use-of-force training, and see police violence as a problem. Research shows police encounters can cause lasting trauma and health issues, sometimes leading to tragic outcomes.


These issues disproportionately affect Black communities in DC. In 2022, 87% of all DC arrests were Black, and about nine out of ten of use-of-force incidents involved Black individuals.

While the DC Police Reform Commission has developed hundreds of policy proposals to change this picture,  the city has only adopted a few of the recommendations offered in a near year-long review.


In this section,  the DC Justice Lab provides a series of ready made legislative and policy solutions that would reduce the role of the police in safety policy, curb the tactics that cause the most harm, and grow the solutions that are proven to increase safety.  


Consent Searches

Consent searches are never consensual when compliance is a survival tactic.

Citation in Lieu of Arrest

Unnecessary arrests make us less safe.


Jump-outs are DC’s scarier version of stop and frisk.

Mandatory Arrests

Mandatory Arrest Laws Deter Some Victims from Reporting Crimes.

Special and Campus Police

Cosmetologists have more specialized training than armed special police officers in DC.

Repeat Arrests

Reducing repeat arrests by expanding treatment would increase safety and reduce harm.

Body Searches

Invasive body searches strip people of their dignity, privacy, and cause trauma.

Car Chases

A high-speed police chase needlessly puts DC residents at risk.


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