Our Team



Patrice Sulton

Founder and Executive Director

Patrice is in charge of ensuring we have everything we need to reach our goals and make the District of Columbia safer, freer, and more equal.


Mackenzie A. Evans

Chief of Staff

Mackenzie is in charge of ensuring that the organization is operating smoothly and effectively.


Jason Ziedenberg

Director of Research and Publications

Jason is in charge of ensuring everything DC Justice Lab says and takes a position on is supported by reliable evidence.


Tenásha Ebrahimkhel

Director of Communications

Tenásha leads a team of professionals and guides the organization’s communication and creative direction.


Darby Hickey

Policy Counsel

Darby is in charge of leading successful policy campaigns and transforming how advocacy happens.


Destiny Fullwood-Singh​

Policy Counsel

Destiny is in charge of leading successful policy campaigns and transforming how advocacy happens.


Iris Benson-Sulzer

Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Iris is in charge of implementing and strengthening the organization’s operational processes.


Ruby Wilson

Design Strategist

Ruby is in charge of making our work and campaigns accessible and appealing.


Giancarlo Cambrelén Santiago

Communications Manager

Giancarlo is in charge of coordinating communications for DC Justice Lab’s projects, initiatives, and events.


Miya Walker

Events Manager

Miya is in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing internal and external events for the organization.


Kenya Whitaker

DC Justice Fellow

Through organizing tools, Kenya provides data that supports racially-just campaigns, and allow for those in the community to both be a part of and lead conversations about how laws can solve issues that can prevent violence.


Jessa Royer

DC Justice Fellow

Jessa is in charge of imagining, organizing and executing local and community led, racially just and research driven campaigns that fulfill the mission and values of DCJL and those most impacted.

Terrell Peters

Campaign and Advocacy Fellow

Terrell Peters is a dedicated Campaign and Advocacy Fellow working at DC Justice Lab. He advocates for record sealing and reforms in supervised release and probation. He also plans to work on Halfway house issues for justice-impacted individuals here in DC.