Our Team

Giancarlo Cambrelén Santiago

Communications Manager

Giancarlo is in charge of supporting communications for all DC Justice Lab projects, initiatives and events, and assists the research team with providing evidence-based messaging that promotes and advance’s the organization’s communications, policy, and legislative agenda. 


As a compassionate and dedicated mental health professional, Giancarlo has experience in policy implementation, outreach, and advocacy. Giancarlo specializes in working with vulnerable populations and assessing individual needs to improve prosocial behaviors and build healthy lives. His expertise includes individual evidence-based therapy, mental health research, group counseling, case management, and cross-team collaboration.


In his previous role as the Housing & Outreach Coordinator at the National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens (NRNRC), Giancarlo provided case management services to formerly incarcerated persons and implemented crisis intervention strategies to prevent or reduce transitional distress. Giancarlo also created multimedia content to increase organizational outreach and support advocacy messaging.


Prior to this, Giancarlo served as a Suicide Watch Companion at the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Elkton, leading small therapeutic groups to help incarcerated individuals manage and cope with their addictions during moments of crisis. Giancarlo also worked as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, where he conducted group and individual counseling services for veterans with severe mental illness and substance use disorders.


Giancarlo began his career as an undergraduate student in Puerto Rico, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in psychology and subsequently enlisted in the Puerto Rico Army National Guard. He would continue his service in the uniformed services on Active Duty, serving in

Afghanistan as an Aerial Electronic Warfare Officer, and later as the Air Operations Coordinator in the United States Embassy in Colombia.


Additionally, Giancarlo has military experience as a Quality Assurance Floor Sergeant at the Operational Support Airlift Activity (OSAA), where Giancarlo administered and safeguarded flight, medical, and psychological records for over 30 pilots.


Throughout his career, Giancarlo has consistently demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of others through compassionate and effective mental health support.