Our Board

image of board member donald braman

Donald Braman

Board Chair

Don is an Associate Professor at the George Washington University Law School & Director of Science and Policy at the Justice Innovation Lab.

Don teaches courses on criminal law, evidence, policing, evidence-based policymaking, data-driven criminal justice reform, and data science and law.  Through The Lab @ DC, he provides assistance and support to DC Agencies seeking to increase equitable outcomes, particularly in the areas of public safety and reentry. Through the Justice Innovation Lab, he assists jurisdictions seeking to reduce inequality though criminal justice reform.

Don is a graduate of Yale Law School and the Yale Graduate School (Anthropology), where he worked with families of prisoners and authored Doing Time on the Outside, a study of the impact of mass incarceration on families and communities in the District of Columbia.  He has written extensively about the role the criminal justice system plays in disassembling families and communities, contributing to the conditions that give rise to the social disorder that the criminal justice system purports to reduce. 

What is one thing you would like to change about the D.C.’s criminal legal system?

Increasing support services to justice-involved residents.