Our Team

Mackenzie A. Evans

Chief of Staff

As an Attorney Advisor, Mackenzie will be responsible for a variety of tasks within the organization. Her main focus will be to restructure and implement internal policies and procedures, ensuring that the company is operating in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, Mackenzie will be tasked with redefining the company’s cybersecurity protocol, ensuring that all sensitive data is protected from potential cyber threats.


In addition to these duties, Mackenzie will also be responsible for welcoming new hires and completing HR onboarding, ensuring that all new employees are properly integrated into the organization. Mackenzie will also be tracking new laws and assessing legal opinions for staff and leadership review, providing valuable insight into the legal implications of various organizational decisions. 


Mackenzie’s diverse experience enables her to adapt quickly to dynamic environments, and her strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills cement her clients’ confidence and trust. With her expertise in data privacy and security, technology transactions, IP licensing, commercial agreements, and product counseling, Mackenzie developed a proprietary in-house counsel on-call service for corporate clients, providing comprehensive legal advice on a broad range of matters, including competition, regulatory compliance, IP licensing, and data privacy.


With core proficiencies in contracts and corporate advisement, Mackenzie has represented various clients, including 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, media and technology companies, and entertainment groups. Mackenzie prioritizes honesty and integrity and thrives in both cooperative and independent work environments.  She is passionate about eradicating the origins of crime and violence, keeping everyone in communities safe and preventing citizens’ entrapment within an unjust criminal punishment system.