Our Team

Naïké Savain

Director of Policy

Naïké is a lawyer and advocate who connects directly impacted people with the tools and information they need to transform the District’s approach to public safety. As the Director of Policy for DC Justice Lab, Naïké forges strong relationships with community stakeholders to ensure all of our work is community-rooted, evidence-based, and racially just. She is committed to removing barriers so directly impacted people can effectively advocate for themselves. 

Prior to joining the DC Justice Lab in June 2021, Naïké spent seven years as a best interest lawyer for children in foster care in the District and served as a commissioner for the DC Police Reform Commission. Through those roles, she experienced the challenges of navigating the interconnected landscape of laws in the District of Columbia. Naïké is focused on creating new systems that welcome, rather than tolerate, meaningful participation from those who are directly impacted. 

Naïké leads DC Justice Lab’s work transforming the District’s “police-first” response to street crime. She successfully advocated for an audit regarding how officers use their time, increased transparency regarding misconduct, and increasing reliance on non-police alternatives. Naïké also launched our civic engagement efforts through partnerships, public workshops, and community events. She also worked in coalition to remove police from schools and obtain a public hearing to decriminalize street vending. 

Naïké’s work is grounded in the understanding that no society can police, prosecute, or punish its way out of self-preservation. Her approach follows Bryan Stevenson’s belief that we are each more than the worst thing we’ve ever done. Her efforts have pushed local conversations around public safety toward a collective understanding that everyone benefits from a commitment to harm prevention.  

Naïké earned her JD from Georgetown University Law Center and a BA in Political Science and French from Amherst College. She is fluent in Haitian Creole, French, and English, and is trying to get back to fluent in Spanish.