Unlock The Box

About this Issue

Unlock the Box is a national advocacy campaign aimed at ending solitary confinement in all U.S. prisons, jails, detention facilities, and juvenile facilities, and bringing the United States into full compliance with the UN’s Mandela Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners within 10 years.

graphic with the text unlock the box- end solitary confinement

Quick Facts


The Unlock the Box Campaign is a coalition of organizations and movement leaders who partner with state and local campaigns across the United States with the common goal of ending the use of solitary confinement for all people.


An overwhelming body of evidence shows the devastating harm solitary confinement causes to the people who endure it, as well as their families and communities.


As many as one-half of people in solitary confinement suffer from mental illness, which is often exacerbated by isolation.


An estimated 85% of people in solitary have been sent there for non-violent disciplinary reasons, such as talking back to a corrections officer.